OK, this is a little confusing. If you’re a Snapchat user, you know that pulling images from your camera roll to post appeared with a white border around it, whereas live snaps had no border.

It was meant to differentiate old stuff from current hotness, but now, that’s gone, and old or new images will appear the same way.

Why, you may ask? Well theverge.com explains it pretty well, without giving you a headache will doing so:

Snapchat has always prided itself on real-time sharing. That’s why the app opens to the camera: it’s designed to get you sharing whatever is happening in the moment. That’s why, until today, snaps posted from your camera roll got a white border around them. It was a subtle cue from the app that older photos and videos are considered second-class citizens inside Snapchat. But as of today, that’s going away.

Read it all for comprehension at theverge.com