No one is going to argue that Bluetooth speakers are not a hot commodity, but Bluetooth and quality audio are often not a match. Enter Sonos, the leader in high quality Wi-Fi speaker systems, with their first Bluetooth speaker. has the deets:

Sonos is one of the WIRED Gear team’s favorite speaker companies. In the splintered buy-it-trash-it world of Wi-Fi connected tech, where nothing seems to connect together properly or last all that long, Sonos speakers always sound outstanding. They are built to last for years, and they do things other speakers just can’t. Sonos speakers can group together in any way you wish and work with most every streaming music app. You can also control them with either Google Assistant or Alexa voice assistants—a rarity in 2019.

Like a guided missile, Sonos has perfected its line of smart Wi-Fi speakers for the home, and it’s never swayed from that target—not even to step onto the back porch. For nearly a decade, it has completely ignored the many awesome Bluetooth speakers on the market.

And now, a year later, a Sonos speaker with Bluetooth has finally arrived. (A year feels like a long time, but Sonos releases new products at a more deliberate pace than most of the tech world.) The Move is the first Sonos speaker with a battery inside it, and the first one that also works beyond the confines of Wi-Fi.

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