OK, I know we all just got used to 4G networks, but all that rockin’ technology like self driving cars, 4K streaming, and 24 hour instant pizza ordering will need something more…

Enter 5G:

…all of this — cars, smart cities, new ventures in telehealth, and even the connected refrigerator and coffee maker — will happen only if deployment of 5G technology – including, importantly, the infrastructure for it — proceeds efficiently and rapidly. Progress can occur only as fast as the rate of deployment; in other words, deployment of 5G is the critical path to actual adoption of these innovations. In the Chevy example, the new cars will be electric vehicles, so we can imagine the small cells with which the cars will communicate as a kind of gas station — with information as the “gas” that powers the operation of the vehicle. And just like the gas stations of today, they will be everywhere (albeit considerably smaller), because people will want to go everywhere.

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