2-D side scrollers are something of an endangered species so far in the Twenty-teens, but that may finally be changing.

According to Sam Machkovech’s review at arstechnica.com, Celeste is right up there with Super Meat Boy and Yoshi’s Island. That’s pretty rare air indeed:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a quirky, pixellated video game breathes new life into the Mario-like side-scroller genre. Or, well, those games used to breathe life, before they became commonplace. Super Meat Boy set this kind of resurgence into motion nearly a decade ago. That’s a long time in side-scrolling years.

A peek at this week’s Celeste—which favors pixellated designs and squishy, bouncy characters—could make any skeptical passerby sigh in that “Gosh, another one of these?” way. I get that.

But I insist there’s something here.

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