Half the size, but packing all the punch, the legendary Commodore 64 personal computer is coming back from the 1980s and landing on a desk or coffee table near you. But this time, it will only take up half the space as reported by pcgamer.com:

Way back before cryptocurrency mining was a thing, and even before the advent of the 3D graphics card, there was the Commodore 64, an intriguing system with a fleshed out catalog of games. Now more than 30 years later, the Commodore 64 is still considered the best selling PC of all time, and it’s making a comeback as a mini console.

THE64 Mini, as it’s called, is a fully licensed product developed by Retro Games Ltd and distributed by Koch Media. It’s half the size of the original C64 from back in the day, and apparently is also a “fully functioning” system with a built-in keyboard, two USB ports, and of course a joystick.

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