There are speed run records and then there are speed run records that go beyond.

Breaking the three hour barrier for a speed run of the classic Super Mario Sunshine is insane in two ways — one for the sheer length, which nearly redefines the concept of speed, and the other due to the sheer commitment that multi-hour speed run requires to even attempt.

But this just scratches the surface of AverageTrey’s Sunshine accomplishment. delivers the details:

AverageTrey first got into speedrunning Super Mario Sunshine back in 2013. He’d always loved the game as a kid and thought the records in the 120 Shines category still had plenty of room for improvement. Five years later he’s finally cracked the three hour barrier in one of speedrunning’s most popular games.

“It’s truly been a journey,” he said on stream after getting a time of 2:59:58 late Friday night after chucking his controller across the room in both shock and relief. “Like, what a run dude. What a fucking run dude.” Spurred on by a friendly rivalry with one of the game’s other masterful players, ShadowMario27, AverageTrey had been inching closer to the coveted sub-three hour time over the past few months. And I mean literally inching, shaving off half a minute here and a few seconds there to go from 3:02:18 six months ago to 3:01:25 on the eve of 2018.