Nintendo’s youth-oriented cardboard laboratory for it’s portable Switch console has now undergone a hands-on test from those invited to special showcase events Nintendo held across the globe, and the reviews are definitely positive.’s review gives detailed insight into just what the Labo experience is about:

I spent a couple of hours messing around with Nintendo’s bold new Labo project today, and I was impressed. The pure act of assembling the cardboard to build the games’ specialized controllers is lots of fun by itself, and some of the games that come with it look promising as well.

Just a short walk from Kotaku ‘s Manhattan HQ, Nintendo was running a showcase for its Labo line of cardboard-enabled, Switch-powered games. The company is aiming Labo at kids and parents, and even the lobby they set up for this event gave off that vibe, with little cubbies for everyone’s coats and bags and a station for making nametags that included numerous optional stickers. The adjacent room where we’d all assemble Labo creations included tables stocked with crayons, markers and boxes of candy. Some attendees brought their kids to build the Labo works with them.

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