As the massive success of the Nintendo Switch grabs the headlines, the sector-shaking-success of the old hotness that was the Nintendo Wii begins is final fade into the sunset of gaming glory past. That is to say, the groundbreaking Wii eShop will soon be closing its doors for good.

Jeremy Parish gives a thoughtful and suitably sad elegy for the last gasp of Wii greatness at If you ever swung a Wii Remote at your TV screen, it’s worth a read:

Nintendo fans: You have less than a year until the Wii eShop closes down for good; the company will be discontinuing all Wii online commerce at the end of January 2019. However, for all intents and purposes, the real cut-off date will be next month. As of March 26, customers will no longer be allowed to purchase Wii Points, the virtual currency required to make Wii eShop purchases. Once point sales end, Wii owners will be limited strictly to making eShop purchases from their existing pool of points.

Of course, at this point, Nintendo has journeyed two console generations beyond the original Wii, which turned 11 years old back in November. The company clearly has no intention of looking back; its new console, Switch, currently enjoys gangbuster sales status. Furthermore, the unpopular and unsuccessful Wii U system poisoned the well for the Wii brand as a whole.