From Sonic R to Sonic and All Stars Racing, the world’s fastest (blue) hedgehog, Sonic, has been no stranger to competitive racing. And that time has come again.

Yes, the ole blue blur is giving his tootsies a rest in a soon to be released racer. has more:

Sega’s biggest franchise to date is still Sonic The Hedgehog. Despite having more missteps than hits with the blue speedster these days, Sega is still trucking onward and forward with new games and ideas, including a brand new racing title that hearkens back to the days of Sonic R.

Sega unveiled a 23-secondteaser trailer featuring a fuzzy image of the headlights of a sports car. You hear someone opening a door, getting into the car and closing the door. We get a brief glimpse of the lights turning on and then we hear the engine start and begin to rev.

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