It’s been the common refrain for years now, “Video Game Consoles are a Dead Man Walking.” Well, cancel the funeral — a healthy 3.3 billion dollars in sales last year say “Naw!”

It’s hard to remember now, but we’re only four or five years out from widespread and confident predictions that the game console market was effectively dead or dying. In 2012, Wired cited mobile disruption and “the whole box-model mentality” in declaring the death of the console. Around the same time, CNN cited a “four-year tailspin” in sales for dedicated consoles (which, coincidentally, started right around the same time as the global financial crisis) to explain “why console gaming is dying.”

And IGN, in its own 2012 look at the fate of the console market, offered a bold prediction for the fate of the PS4 months before it was even officially announced: “A better-graphics box at $400? Not going to work.”

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