But seriously, security is no laughing matter, and to do it right, you’ll need multiple cameras that provide good performance in light and dark, simple connectivity, and the ability to record as well.

For the seemingly impossible price of $20, the WyzeCam v2 delivers. Paul Miller at theverge.com has the low down:

I’ve never owned a security camera, so don’t quote me as an expert, but I’ve been reading some WyzeCam reviews this afternoon and they’re a little astonishing: a good, functional, easy-to-use, and feature-rich streaming security camera for $20.

Well, now there’s a sequel.

The WyzeCam v2 still costs $20, but now it has a better camera sensor for improved day and night vision, better audio quality (WyzeCam supports two-way audio), and motion-tagging tech to detect and outline motion in its footage.

Details at theverge.com