Never forget Mega Man and his highly memorable robot foes (not to mention those painfully difficult jumps), and never go without this ‘Rock’ star when you are rockin’ it mobile on your Nintendo Switch. And you can do just that (or dock ‘stead of rock it should you prefer) this coming May:

While the Nintendo Switch eShop is still a no-show a full year into the console’s life cycle, at least fans will soon be able to get in some classic Mega Man action via a pair of Legacy Collections. According to Capcom, the Blue Bomber will be ready to roll on Nintendo’s newest hardware come May 22.

This news comes to us direct from the Capcom blog, where Kellen has rolled out all of the details for both Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. While both of those collections are available on other platforms, the Switch versions will introduce some new features that are sure to please fans old and new alike.

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