It’s been coming for a while, so website owners have had plenty of warning, but Google will soon start marking websites that don’t have encryption as ‘unsecure.’

No need to panic, though, it doesn’t mean your computer or mobile device will get absolutely be hacked if you go to an unencrypted site, it’s just that without that little ‘s’ on the end of a website’s ‘http:’ you not as safe as you could be. has the details:

Eight years ago, it was an aggressive move when Google started pushing its popular Gmail service over an encrypted connection by default. Four years ago, it was a bit less surprising when it made encryption the only option for Gmail. And now it’s taking the next step in trying to curtail eavesdropping: using its Chrome browser to label as “not secure” any website that’s not encrypted.

The move will fulfill a promise — OK, maybe it was more of a threat — Google made three years ago. The company said the day would be coming, but on Thursday it told website publishers and Chrome users the deadline: the release of Chrome 68 in July.

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