Smart Watch chafing your wrist? Well, just get chipped.

“Say what? A chip?”

“Yeah, you chicken?”

“No but…”

Well someone wasn’t chicken. J.C. Townsend got chipped, and here is his story:

The best technology is intuitive, and almost invisible. For years, futurists have predicted that, before we know it, every surface within reach will be a computing surface, and the doctor will be able to follow you home with thumbnail-sized measuring devices inserted into your body.

We’re not yet at the Black Mirror stage of things, where implants relay vitals to an iPad-like device (or even let you see through another person’s eyes), but it seems like only a matter of time. If that sounds crazy, call me crazy for being willing to test a beta. I

have an RFID, or radio frequency ID, microchip implanted in my hand. Now with a wave, I can unlock doors, fire off texts, login to my computer, and even make credit card payments.

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