From a technological perspective, Canon’s new 120 megapixel video sensor is beyond awesome, making what has been the realm of science fiction an emerging reality. But is this good news or bad?

The answer depends on your perspective and on how the technology is ultimately put to use. discusses the possibilities:

Canon has been playing with high-megapixel sensors up to 250 megapixels since 2010, but it’s now showing what very high-resolution video looks like. It shot some clips with its 120MXS CMOS sensor (13,280 x 9,184 effective pixels) showing how much detail it retains even when you digitally zoom deeply into the video. You can do that with stills already, but it’s impressive to see it happen at nearly 10 fps, bringing to life the silly “enhance video” clich√© from Blade Runner and CSI-type shows.

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