In a driving world dominated by trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and truck/SUV/crossovers, does a sedan or coupe even stand a chance? Well, Hyundai’s new luxo Genesis badge seems to think so, and their Essentia concept car is the hit of the NY Auto Show. has more:

The Genesis Essentia concept is, hands-down, the car of the New York show this year. We got a quick download from Donkerwolke on how it came to be.

It’s an essential part of building Genesis into a credible luxury brand. “We were looking for an icon for the brand,” Donckerwolke says. “We wanted to find the right transport.” From a pure car enthusiast’s point of view, the only way to do that was not with a big, hulking SUV living room on wheels—the sort of thing traditional sports carmakers are fond of showing these days—but with a sensuous sports car.

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