Once you get past the concerns about 24/7 spying of what leftovers are in your fridge and whether or not Skynet is brewing a conspiracy to take over your life from your thermostat, the idea of the Internet of Things is one that often seems to be arriving in everyone’s home but never quite does.

But, Google believes! And, it’s proving it by buying Internet of Things platform Xively. Ndtv.com has more:

Google on Thursday announced its intent to acquire LogMeIn’s Xively Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The move is aimed at providing Google Cloud an established IoT platform to add to its portfolio. Google believes that IoT market will reach 20 billion connected things by 2020. This acquisition, the search giant says, will push it into the growing market.

The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions, Google said. However, as per ZDNet, the deal, which could strengthen Google’s efforts to take on Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud business, is costing Google $50 million. Notably, LogMeIn had acquired Xively in 2014 for $12 million.

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