The ironic pairing of digital tech and the 19th century signal-in-groove turntable technology may soon be a thing of the past, as the new Phase system from MWM uses USB-key sized controllers that slip over the spindle to track the furious fingers of the scratch DJ:

The era of DVS might be finally coming to a close – and we’re not talking about the Rane Twelve controller. MWM (the company behind the wireless MixFader), has announced Phase, a new wireless tracker for turntable DJs. Instead of using cartridges, needles, and control vinyl, Phase allows DJs to wirelessly control the position of a record with a single control remote.

The last 15 years for DVS-style DJs have been focused on timecode vinyl and needles. Only in the last year have we started to see developments that really challenge this style while keeping the same workflow. We saw this with the Rane Twelve announcement – a lot of excitement for a turntable-sized platter that doesn’t need tonearms, vinyl, or needles.

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