OK, two pretty good-sized ship wrecks — a pair of sunken WWII era Dutch submarines — have simply up and disappeared off the coast of Malaysia. We ask… could it be the work of Alien Technology?!? The New York Post has the story:

Two submarines wrecked off the coast of Malaysia during World War II have mysteriously disappeared.

The pair of Dutch vessels have lain largely undisturbed for nearly 80 years – but vanished late last week.

All that now remains of the submarines are broken scraps and their outlines in the sand.

The ships were part of the Dutch war effort, and were sunk during operations in the South China Sea.

Both the K XVII and the O 16 submarines sailed right into a Japanese line of mines, killing almost all crew members on board.

The boats were left as ocean graves, and contained the remains of the 77 crewmen – all of which are now missing.

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