What’s that you say? Oh, you mean like the old potato chip ad? Yeah, well everyone knows potato chips are eaten in bunches, but Smart Speakers? Shouldn’t one be enough?

Not so, posits cnet.com’s David Carnoy. Here’s his take:

An early listening session with Apple’s upcoming HomePod wireless speaker left one CNET editor longing for not just one HomePod, but two.

Toward the end of my listening preview of Apple’s HomePod ($350, £319, AU$499; available for preorder now and shipping Feb. 9), Apple reps gave me a little taste of a feature that won’t be available at launch: two HomePods linked together in a stereo pair. Then they cranked Portugal the Man’s “Feel It Still” track.

I felt it. All $700 worth.

“Hear” it all at cnet.com